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SoloMe-o Part 1 (SmokeyVW)



 Genre: Experimental
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This is for the SoloMe-o Challenge

Key: D Double Harmonic Major
Tempo: 110 BPM
Scale: D Eb F# G A Bb C# D

Chord Chart:
F#m Eb A7/Eb A7/Eb |
[F#C#A] [EbBbG] [EbGA] [EbGA] |

part a:
D Gm/D D Eb/D | D Eb F#m Eb |
[DAF#] [DBbG] [DAF#] [DGEb] | [DAF#] [EbBbG] [F#C#A] [EbBbG] |

Gm F#m Eb D | Gm F#m Eb D |
[GDBb] [F#C#A] [EbBbG] [DAF#] | [GDBb] [F#C#A] [EbBbG] [DAF#] |

part b:
F#m Eb D Gm | F#m Eb D Gm |
[F#C#A] [EbBbG] [DAF#] [GDBb] | [F#C#A] [EbBbG] [DAF#] [GDBb] |

F#m Eb A7/Eb A7/Eb |
[F#C#A] [EbBbG] [EbGA] [EbGA] |

part a:
D Gm/D D Eb/D | D Eb F#m Eb |
[DAF#] [DBbG] [DAF#] [DGEb] | [DAF#] [EbBbG] [F#C#A] [EbBbG] |

Gm F#m Eb D | Gm F#m Eb A7/Eb |
[GDBb] [F#C#A] [EbBbG] [DAF#] | [GDBb] [F#C#A] [EbBbG] [EbGA] |

A7/Eb D D D ||
[EbGA] [DAF#] [DAF#] [DAF#] ||

Chords are shown above as a list of three note names inside. e.g.: [AC#E] is the notes A, C#, and E.

Vertical bars i.e.: | are used to organize the chords into group of 4 measures each for readability.

My attempt at naming the chords is shown above each note list.
Some of them are a bit strange, and probably wrong. A7/Eb still puzzles me. Let me know!
That's why I fully listed each note in each chord just to be clear.

Slash notation is used for chord inversions.

Here and there a third is missing, but not explicitly notated here.
Often the third is actually played an octave higher than usual.
(I think that's called voicing?)

On A chords the fifth is actually flat (i.e. Eb) due to the mode, but not explicitly notated here.

This mode can be called Double Harmonic Major, but there are a bunch of other names for this mode as well:
Major Gipsy, Bhairav That, Mela Mayamalavagaula,
Raga Paraj, Kalingada, Gaulipantu, Lalitapancamam,
Byzantine Liturgical Chromatic, Hitzazkiar: Greece,
Maqam Zengule, Hijaz Kar, Suzidil,
and probably others.

For lots more info about mode names see:
List of musical modes.
The mode of this song is coded as "1 3 1 2 1 3 1" in that doc.

if you would like another version in a different key (same mode) let know, it can be done.
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FEEL said 1872 days ago (June 3rd, 2014)
really love the intro
and the percussion is marvelous. Downloaded, and I'll see if I can come up with anything that does it justice.
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PeterB7858 said 1865 days ago (June 10th, 2014)
SoloMe-o Part 1
I'm looking forward to the shootout at the Double-D, Maygar style ;-) Thanks, Peter.
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