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 Genre: Hard Rock

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Guitar Based 3:43
The drums are MIDI sequences using the single hits from Drums On Demand and the last section uses Drums On Demand loops for the fills.
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Uploaded: Mar 13, 2005 - 06:46:01 PM
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Fender Strat and Fender Precision Bass. Ibenez TS9DX Tube Screamer, Johnson J-Station Amp Modeler and Blue Tube Stereo Preamp.
Logic Express 7 and Ritmo to link the MIDI drums.
said 5276 days ago (March 14th, 2005)
Excellent Performance
I really like your guitar playing here. And you've got me
thinking I've got to get Drums on Demand. I'm not sure
(ear infection) but the mix seems muddy to me.
aclarke said 5276 days ago (March 14th, 2005)
Excellent melodic rock
Fantastic playing and arrangement. I agree with Mungo
that it a little muddy... possibly too much on the bottom.
Maybe seperate the drums and bass a bit? Just a guess,
I'm dealing with the same issues and yours is mixed better
than mine :)
Great drums on this, sounds like DOD is the way to go!
Z- love your playing and always look forward to new
postings. Thanks!

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said 5275 days ago (March 14th, 2005)
Nice Hard Rock Mix
I like the sounds of the guitar and bass here. Really fat
and well suited to the style that you are going for here.
This one really does rock!!!!

Only suggestion from me is that you incorporate a wider
dynamic range as it all seems to ride really intense, and
loud. That is a good thing, and you have done a really
good job in the style that you going for, but if you have
more quiter sections then it will serve to make the louds
sound louder. Does that make sense?

Also I wonder about the title that you have choosen? IT
seems unrelated, but most titles are in fact this way. I like
the album art though.

Good Rocking Solid Mix though. Certainly way beyond
my capablilities or typical style by which I write. You do
this genre well.

Adisson10 said 5275 days ago (March 14th, 2005)
This has a cool sound, I think I agree with MMM evan if only once it would slow down in a spot or someething, anyways cool song, cool sound!
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said 5273 days ago (March 16th, 2005)
Great rock...
and roll. Geesh that tube screamer sounds good. I like the
drums. I also like how it changes tempo a couple of
times. You are a damn fine guitar player. Got anything
you'd let me add some vocals to? 8-9-8-8
Z293 said 5272 days ago (March 18th, 2005)
Great rock...
Thanks Skipper, I just started something new but it's a little mellower, so right now I don't have anything. I wish I had a straight up rock tune to offer you, I would like to hear one of my songs with actual vocals in them. Maybe in the future...
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drakonis said 5273 days ago (March 16th, 2005)
Very nice growly driving guitar work! Reminds me of...
lots of different great bands, but nobody in particular... so
I guess that means you've carved out a nice place of your
own, and you shine! Very tasty melody, great guitar
playing, I was dissappointed when it faded out. Nice
artwork too.
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Z293 said 5272 days ago (March 18th, 2005)
Thanks to all for stopping by. I appreciate the comments.
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TobinMueller said 5271 days ago (March 18th, 2005)
Again a perfect guitar sound
Great playing, again a perfect amp sound for the tune. I
agree that a change would be nice, not that you ever get
boring (cuz you don't), but just so it didn't sound like you
are playing along to loops. Really great playing and overall
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koolpaw said 5245 days ago (April 13th, 2005)
lol i expected some mumbling bass like PercyJones when i saw the cover art.

Kewl and hard guitar rock as usual.
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