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Almost exactly one year ago, I made plans to drive myself to Austin, TX. I would reconnect and reminisce with a friend whose history has intimate ties to my own and that of the members in my immediate family. While sometimes lead astray, I pay attention to the spirit behind all communication and action, and this method of exploration guided my mind into curiosity for a clearer picture of this promising youthful character named Austin.

It was around this time that I began devouring the messages and media delivered by celebrities who had a wonderful appetite for controversy. In my past I paid little attention to popular drama, as it centered around those who I deemed as figureheads of money-hungry propaganda. Time and experience cultivated my ability to separate the sensationalized celebrity characters from the real living personas, and I began to recognize these people for the truly remarkable stories they are. I relentlessly consumed interviews, interactions with hecklers, and impassioned monologues. I had no motivation to stay current on pop trends; rather, I had enrolled myself in my own class on communications. One of the characters that I grew a special appreciation for is Russell Brand, and in addition to my desire to acquaint myself with Austin, Russell had scheduled a performance at the Paramount theater.

I cannot even begin to confidently detail why, but despite the strong desires and attractive possibilities that pulled me to Austin, half of my mind was held captive by a dreamlike romantic encounter three days prior. Spontaneous relationships can be surprisingly powerful and welcome curveballs and that is what this song is about.
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Austin, here I am in Austin
A place I knew I'd love
Why'd I meet her 3 days 'fore Austin
She's in my mind and she's got it drunk

And I just want to know her
It was a dream to see this city
But I just want to know her love

Austin, be my escape
From the ugliness in me I'd rather not face
Austin, I'm sure you know
That a human heart has something that a city can't replace

And I just want to know her
Was like a dream to see this city
But I just want to know her love

Oh I wonder what she is wearing tonight!?
Oh I wonder if I'm wasting my time!?

Because I just want to know her
I just want to know her
It was a dream to see this city
But I just want to know her love
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Charday said 1704 days ago (November 22nd, 2014)
Dude, I'm a fan. Are you familiar with Julian Simms aka "hackneybloke" here on macjams? I think he would be good to check out. If I may, make a few suggestions;
1) I'd work on the lyrics a bit, love the line "she's in my mind she's got it drunk"
2) you might consider fine tuning your lyrics where you aren't repeating words/phrases and using the same pronouns repeatedly too many "hers" and "shes"
She's in my mind feels like I'm drunk (for example)
instaed of a 3rd Austin maybe before I came here
or.... another thought/example

("And I Just Want to Know her")
it was a dream to see this city
But I already miss that girl...

not sure that the whole ugliness inside me line works either kind of a detour

And the Austin I'm sure you know, is a little much giving a city a mind....
maybe something like "a new town(instead of repeating city)can clear your mind
but a new lady can make you blind....that sucks but you get the point

and then you get a little stalker if you just met her maybe you just want to get to know her better,
not get in her tree with a VIDEO CAMERA, :-)

MY POINT HERE IS YOU HAVE A SONG WITH GOOD POTENTIAL, YOU PLAY VERY WELL, YOU HAVE A NICE VOICE, GREAT SONGWRITERS SPEND COUNTLESS HOURS FINE TUNING EVERY WORD, ooops sorry I hit caps....every phrase.... think about it buddy, I usually don't make suggestions, this took me like 20 minutes so I hope you take it as a positive. Jd.

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Moses said 1693 days ago (December 4th, 2014)
Of course, man anyone who takes the time to bring positive energy to my work, I am grateful for that. You are totally right about this song, but particularly I'm glad you said great songwriters spend countless hours fine tuning, because often I get interested in the next thing I'm doing and the final draft is there because I am tired of workibg on it. Two of the lines you pointed out I also feel are the weak points of the song, I put them down to begin with because I wanted to get the song laid out and nothing better was coming. When I started playing it out, I started to believe maybe those lines were acceptable as I recieved multiple comments about this song in particular. So it's nice to hear an unbiased source that resounds my feeling. Thanks JD, you have encouraged me to go back and do the fine tuning and extra careful work to make my songs great.
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Daugrin said 1701 days ago (November 26th, 2014)
Lived there from 75 to 94. The changes were staggering... I go around the place now.
Barton Creek to Bee Cave was unlike anything in the world... a two lane to paradise in those heady days. All this has nothing to do with your song... or does it?

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Moses said 1693 days ago (December 4th, 2014)
If it does
It eludes me.. Maybe, just now it was the catalyst of my realization that the song needs something intimately austin in it.
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