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Hate Beret

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This song is about the Victim Culture. Why have we a victim culture? You should find out...
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Willing tools of the Deep State.
Paid to protest, live to hate.
Folks who'll do and say anything
To advance the hate they bring.
Rolling doobies on the bus
Shills enslaved by narco lusts
1300 heads they'll deploy today
"Don't give a dam, get high," they say.
In the nation where you live
It's a mask makes a lib
Zombie flakes one and all
Who will hate at the master's call.
You think George Soros heard that?
You know the Truth (horse sounds) is a trigger.
"Woowww Boy."

(Guitar solo eight bars)

Freedom to assemble is a right
"Five busses of hate..."
Five busses of hate arrive tonight.
Your peaceful rally, we'll disrupt.
Control the narrative 'aint enough.
Clear the field, and crack your head
Break, bust and burn, earn our bread.
Can't win at the ballot box,
No one sees the news watching Fox.
Now with me you disagree?
The target moves, and you'll never see!
Rules are plain, no time to wait.
When your mind is owned and you live to hate.
Please hear my message, give up hate.
Do not support people that hate.
Please give up hate.
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Logic X
sammydix said 786 days ago (August 19th, 2017)
are those that make "hate" (strong word) so easy though. Stupidity is what seems the bring out the worst in me personally. But similar to the feel of the music, it's all a circus.
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Daugrin said 786 days ago (August 19th, 2017)
A circus? Where?
Naw, a reggae parody of the song "Green Beret", from the Vietnam era. LMAO making this, the irony generated by fifty years of cultural rot is delicious!
The first amendment, as designed, is to expose foolish ideas and protect our republic! Let the people rally and say what it is their party wants! Take heart Sam, when people who hate, and who can only win by dividing the population through identity politics rally, they loose support in the population.
The Party of Hate fails to win when forced to tell the truth about what they truly believe and want to do. Let them all speak!


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KCsGROOVE said 786 days ago (August 19th, 2017)
A strong message, Daug
Here in Europe people are amazed by what they see happening in the US. Not that it's perfect over here...
keep 'm coming, these modern life observations
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Daugrin said 786 days ago (August 19th, 2017)
Hate Hat message!
Thanks for your support. The most amazing things are yet to come? Expect more stuff soon...

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Skean said 786 days ago (August 19th, 2017)
Hate Beret
It is hate here there I live, and lots of hate in the whole Europe as well.
I think the elite want us to hate so we in the end start a war. I maybe have wrong about that, but it is what I feel right now.
Peace Bro.
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Daugrin said 786 days ago (August 19th, 2017)
Kenta in the house...
My friend I agree with your assessment. We might solve some of our problems if we were not distracted by the constant messages of hate. Those elites would not like us to solve any problems, they like things the way they are...
Always appreciate you stopping by... be free!

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VicDiesel said 783 days ago (August 22nd, 2017)
Do they still call them that?

Good to see that you can also write straightforward three-chord pop songs.
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Daugrin said 783 days ago (August 22nd, 2017)
Ouch Vic!
Allow me to help out with the nature of this amusement.
Three chords...more? If you will allow, the drum line I played is nothing like the martial thump of the original tune "Green Beret", a B-3 reggae bubble sits on top of the reggae/shuffle, the piano part is unique ( ah- probably not sane) but works perfectly in the sense of the piece, and the bass line dances while marching-that's an uncommon thing but not unknown-google Monkey Drill... so much for the rhythm section.

Deeper? There is an eight bar section in the middle which features a dumbfounding chord sequence over which your humble servant somehow improvized a snaky Jimmie Bryant inspired guitar solo- following that is key change which elevates the tonality a third and inspires the narrator of the song to boast of destroying the town to which he has been bussed to protest so he can save it, but most of all there is a joke there when things being to get strange about George Soros and Roy Roger's horse... that one there alone is worth the price of admission.

Sorry the "doobie"refernece is essential; it reflects the idea that the participants of the hate crimes chronicled in this amusement are in fact "on the bus." Being "on the bus" or, if you will allow, being part of the movement, is the lampoon's core. Ah smoking weed, being addicted to narcotics, being a paid protestor as opposed to an real person who might be protesting locally some outrage or other all works in the frame of experience as exposed in the lyric...
All in good fun, with smiles and happiness for all...

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VicDiesel said 783 days ago (August 22nd, 2017)
No need to spell out the nature of your amusement. I know precisely which chips you have on your shoulder.
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Daugrin said 783 days ago (August 22nd, 2017)
Ah Chips...
Naaw, no chips Vic, just the news. Threatening? Or disrespectful? Naw, I would not waste your time, who else would share this message with you... comfort zone in a the Hater's movement, mirrors in that castle?


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Calchas said 780 days ago (August 25th, 2017)
Absotively spot on!!!
Great parody! All this crap starts in the universities with the tenured politically polarized socio-paths and their radical ideology. They "educate" our media folk, our judges, our lawmakers;etc. What to do? I wish I knew! In the meantime, I'll listen to this song...

Be well friend!
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Dean-Resonator said 779 days ago (August 26th, 2017)
Hate Beret
Another grand song Daug. I love the way your songs of late are evolving.
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Hickling_Stan said 776 days ago (August 29th, 2017)
It might not have been the intention but I was listening much more to the music than the words on this one and what a great complex little composition it is. As for hate and the toxic extremes of society just on a personal level I have discovered away to feel much less stressed. Having been on Facebook for 10 years over the last 12 months I have gradually withdrawn to the point where I don't go on it at all now. I have found my concentration and memory have improved, I am back to reading more books I am not distracted by the endless bollocks of peoples breakfast, cute kittens and ranting from people I neither know nor care about. It's a strangely addictive cocktail as billions will attest to but if you can wean yourself off it I've found the world becomes a far more pleasant and enjoyable place to be in. Well that's just a personal experience. Good song thanks for sharing. Cheers Mark
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