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There Above You

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Plasma is the fourth state of matter. It has a lot to do with fantastic amounts of charged particles. Rarely does this state of matter exist on earth, the Northern Lights are a tame expression of plasma. Sorry I won't explain plasma to you. Got to do your own research.
A global plasma event wiped out civilization? Myths on every continent point to a happening about 13,000 years ago.
What is termed Plasma Cosmology relies on global prehistoric records, etched on ravines, painted on cave walls, and recounted in ancient texts which record just such an event.
Off budget and outside of congressional oversight, it is speculated, black operators already have the ability to deliver a plasma event over a multi-statewide area. Nuclear aggression is obsolete. A plasma event orchestrated over the north eastern continental US would decimate the population, the stunned survivors would die of exposure in a matter of days.
No army of murder robots need apply, accounts of global plasma events have been available in pulp fiction since the 50s... I stopped watching TV in '79, consider this is a disclaimer if I have a parallel to a Marvel Movie plot here...
What a horrible scenario.
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There above you something in the sky.
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Usual stuff
Daug pencil
DWL said 566 days ago (April 3rd, 2018)
Liked the music
really well put together.

I looked up plasma mythology and I have no idea what they are talking about.

Electric Universe would be a good name for a band though.


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Daugrin said 566 days ago (April 3rd, 2018)
Hey mate!
If you are interested in Plasma Cosmology check out the Thunderbolts Project online. The plasma event hypothesis is laid out in videos and commentary. There is abundant carping over cosmology after recent observations of galactic electrical events and the failure of the gravitational collapse theory of star formation to be observed. These guys are different: No black holes, no Higgs particles, no dirty snowball comets... They have already changed physics and astrophysics with peer reviewed papers.
Glad you enjoyed the program. Hopefully the tone of the piece fit your imagination of a plasma event. What a horrible notion, mass murder by electrocution, starvation and exposure. I think I would choose the army of murder robots, at least humans might get lucky and kill some on them first, go down fighting as it were, beats huddling up in a cave or burned out basement waiting to starve.

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DWL said 565 days ago (April 4th, 2018)
Before I wrote the comment
I had already found Thunderbolt but even after reading a number of the articles I was still scratching my head trying to get a coherent overview or understanding of what was being said!

i'd need to spend more time with it.


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